Complete, Timely, Cost-Effective

APS Retrieval

MRS has a 95% completion rate which is unparalleled in the medical record retrieval (APS) industry.  If you layer on our country-wide time service of 10 calendar days, our APS retrieval service is at a level that no one else can compete with.  We take pride in our ability to locate the records, obtain needed special authorizations and conduct all research needed to verify requested information.

If the records exist, we will find them.  MRS’ proprietary service uses additional research and database searches to completed orders when needed.  We will contact the applicant and/or the agent when necessary if your process allows.  MRS makes every effort to find the records prior to closing an order.

We make special requests routine. MRS also records medical offices that require special authorization forms. We keep facility specific forms on file, and have also developed our own special authorization that is accepted by 99% of the facilities we have worked with in the past.  Should MRS receive a request from a facility that requires a facility specific form, we will insure the authorization form that is needed reflects the proper verbiage and other points that are required at a federal, state, and facility level.  We will follow-up with the PI until the authorization form is received.

Quality that doesn’t hurt the bottom line. Even though we believe our APS services set the industry benchmark for quality, MRS strives to keep your costs to a minimum as well.  Should MRS receive an invoice over your maximum fee, we will contact the doctor’s office in attempt to negotiate the price down. MRS representatives are well-versed in state statute fees and leverage this information to lower your costs whenever possible.

Reporting keeps us accountable.  MRS has the ability to report back on any of the data we collect during the process.  We will provide standard reports for time-service, volume and average cost at no additional cost.  Real-time reports are also available via our website portal for customers to access. We also offer a Protective Value Survey that is a simple “one-click” for your underwriters to complete after reviewing a requirement, and we will compile the results.

Innovation with Technology.  MRS has partnered with several of the major copy firms in the country that allows us a direct connection to receive records electronically.  We continue to monitor the EHR/EMR progression and are continually investigating ways to improve the overall time service of medical record retrieval.