Creating the Foundation for the Next Revolution in Life Insurance

Who we are

Life insurance is one of the oldest forms of business. The first known forms of life insurance date back to ancient Roman villages who agreed to collectively cover costs of burial for friends and loved ones.  Since then, the insurance industry has evolved significantly and the pace of change has accelerated.  Insurance companies that can adapt quickly and efficiently to changing market conditions, regulations and customer preferences have an edge. At MRS, we help clients transform change into a competitive advantage.

MRS was founded in 1988 in order to provide a high-end product and customer experience at competitive pricing for the insurance industry. Over the years, that original vision has been expanded to include more services and capabilities designed to help clients adapt quickly in a cost-effective way.

Innovation.  At MRS we never stop enhancing and improving our systems, processes and people.  In a world where “the only thing constant is change,” MRS stays ahead of the curve and helps clients avoid falling behind.

We listen. Our best ideas come from our clients who are experiencing change first-hand. We are obsessed with listening to and working with our clients to stay on the forefront of industry and technology trends.

The next evolution.  One of the impending changes in the industry stems from the common belief that life insurance is “sold, not bought.”  This may have been true in the past, but forward-looking management teams know it won’t be true for long.  At MRS, we are investing heavily to rebuild our technology platform to improve operational efficiencies of our current clients and create a foundation for the next revolution in life insurance.

Technology is only as good as the people. Our technology-based solutions set the benchmark for reliability and efficiency, but it’s our people who deliver our brand of professional, knowledgeable and courteous client service. Happy people are high performers! We know that the valued members of the MRS team are directly responsible for our company’s business success, and we take your trust seriously, which is why we invest in ongoing training to keep our workforce ready to represent each client.

MRS is more than an outsourced call center, we are a leading developer of technology-based solutions to the life insurance industry delivered by experienced staff. Contact MRS today to learn how we can help you transform change into a competitive advantage.

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